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, a 163-page memoir that covers his growing up during the Great Depression and his life-long career with Canadian Pacific Rail.His postings included Cobourg, Sharbot Lake, Kingston, Peterborough, Lindsay, and Medonte The items below consist mostly of photographs, documents and objects I've come across in my research and in rooting through flea markets.

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of Western Ontario Rabbi Shalom Denbo lives in Los Angeles where he is a Torah teacher and certified Mohel.

He is the founder of AEPi Jerusalem Road Trips, and established a partnership between AISH and Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity.

"We just have to beat the guys that already started, so we are in a good place." The current Guinness record for longest concert by multiple performers is held by Ri Ra, an Irish pub on the Las Vegas strip whose 2014 gig clocked in at 372 hours, 10 minutes.

Dublin's Dave Browne was one of the key organizers for that event. "I do like people who have the arrogance." Browne plays in the bar's house band and oversaw the musical aspect of the gig.

Originally a small settlement, it was recognized for its significant contribution to the lumber and boat building industries and strategic location along the banks of the scenic Sydenham River.

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