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I have no idea how much I would ask for even if I knew my SD’s income. And great thing about it is ur SD will always think u r not a burden because he gives u whatever he decided so u will be a sweet SB for him this way Hey Ash, honestly I would say check up on his annual income then take 15-25% of it and that’s what your sb annual income should be, of course you can divide it however you’d like (weekly, bi weekly, etc) Just a little rule of thumb I used starting out! I’m doubtful that SBs report back their earnings to Seeking Arrangement. K of 0K isn’t just 22% of the SD’s income, it represents 40% of his income after taxes.

After taxes, all things equal, 0K is around 0K (take my word on this).

It is only natural for males to target cues to fertility such as youth and beauty, and for females to be drawn to displays of resources.

[…] Top 10 Allowance Tips for Aspiring Sugar Babies | Sugar … Even the most experienced of us can find ourselves getting squeamish when it comes to talking money with a potential sugar daddy….

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We were at Megu, a pricey Japanese restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, eating perfectly cooked Kobe beef.

‘Life is too short to miss opportunities and I believe in living each day to its fullest.

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