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Trying to find a lexicon plain enough to be widely understood, yet particular and detailed enough to make subtle, careful distinctions between things.

Recently I received a phone call from a distraught grandfather desperate to help his daughter, who was trying to navigate the health care system seeking pain relief for her teenage daughter, who is suffering with as yet un-diagnosed severe chronic pain.

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Highlights From historical Halifax travel south, taking in remote lighthouses and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Town Lunenburg.

Enjoy a whale watching excursion with the chance to see finback, minke and humpback whales and marvel at the world’s highest tides.

Fogo Island is located on the northeast coast of Newfoundland, situated along the infamous Iceberg Alley.

The island's subarctic landscape creates a special environment for all sorts of interesting wildlife, including caribou, foxes, beavers and wildflowers.

I grew up in the capital, Ottawa, where each winter the Rideau Canal freezes over to form the world's longest skating rink.

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