German webcam texting

by  |  13-Jan-2020 20:10

The Turkish language itself has neither articles nor prepositions.

Why not try to impress a German friend with some SMS German texting?

Just be sure of thing - please don’t forget how the words really are spelled… aws auf Wiedersehen – good bye bb bis bald – see you soon bda bis dann – till then bidunowa?

Learning a language is hard when you’re not immersed in the culture and surrounded by people who speak the language; that’s why We Speke hopes to connect you with fluent speakers of the language you’re trying to learn.

Using the magic of the Internet and webcams, We Speke allows you to chat with people who are fluent in the language you’re trying to learn.

8tung Achtung – watch out ads alles deine Schuld – all your fault akla?

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