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Consistent with this profile, basal cells functionally exhibit intrinsic stem-like and neurogenic properties with enhanced r RNA transcription activity.

Of clinical relevance, the basal cell gene-expression profile is enriched in advanced, anaplastic, castration-resistant and metastatic prostate cancers.

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Dating dna plus 7 21 ipa

The mitochondrial genome also encodes 22 t RNAs and 2 r RNAs and has one non-coding region, the D-Loop, which is the site of interaction for the nuclear-encoded transcription and replication factors that translocate to the mitochondrion to first drive mt DNA transcription then replication.

Maturing mammalian oocytes and developing embryos are not highly dependent on OXPHOS.

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Their mitochondria are structurally and functionally quiescent, and they likely derive most of their energy through alternative pathways, such as the adenosine salvage pathway.

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