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While updates for legit, paid versions of each app – even those obtained before the days of the Mac App Store – have always received updates through Software Update via the Mac App Store, the fact that trial versions were being converted into fully functioning paid versions of Apple’s software piqued my interest, so I decided to dig around and figure out exactly what was going on.I initially spotted a tidbit related to Aperture after updating to the release version of Mavericks on Tuesday – namely that the update to Aperture 3.5 was not available for me through Software Update in the Mac App Store.Even though Apple has announced that it will soon stop supporting Aperture, it remains an effective photo library management system that many pros and amateurs like to use because of how well it works with image libraries, and the professional workflow it fosters.

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There have been a number of reports lately revealing that OS X Mavericks seems to be allowing users to “upgrade illegal or trial version” Apple software obtained outside the Mac App Store.

Notable examples of such software include versions of i Work, i Life, or Aperture obtained on a DVD disc, or trial versions of such apps (the defunct trial pages for i Work and Aperture still exist on Apple.com).

After all, your image library probably represents years of accumulated pictures that would be difficult to replace if they ever became corrupt.

Apple's Time Machine is a great choice for backups, but any of the leading backup applications will work equally well.

Before you can reinstall Aperture 3, you must first remove the existing installation.

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