Dating albanian linda chung raymond lam dating 2016

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” The article started off with a succinct geographical description of Albania, only to launch into an exhaustive list of the pros and cons of dating an Albanian girl.

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I perceive our relationship as over - so some of you may write that I would be wasting my time asking the following question about the relationship. I met him at a beach bar and we started hanging out.

However, this issue was the centerpiece of our problems and I would really like some insight, as much as possible, on this topic. About 7 months later I thought we spent so much time together we both coined it a relationship and we've been together since.

(Side note: if you answered yes to either of those questions, you should probably stop reading now.) The author of the article laments the ambitious nature of American women.

He exalts the fact that Albanian women “know how to do laundry well,” and are more likely to put their families first than American women.

News broke Monday that the beauty queen was the rapper’s latest girlfriend after“I find it funny that everyone is talking about me dating Kanye West when he is photographed on the balcony kissing some girl.

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