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Because of the need to prepare translations of the claims, it is important for us to receive instructions in plenty of time before the deadline.

When we report the communication under Rule 71(3), we will also give you a detailed estimate of the likely cost of proceeding in each of the designated countries.

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When the European Patent Office (EPO) agrees that an application is ready to be granted, there are various procedures that must be followed and actions to be completed within certain time limits.

The purpose of this page is to explain the procedure and give you an idea of the likely time scale and costs.

Basically, for a European Patent (EP) to proceed, two matters must be dealt with: The patent must be "validated" in whichever of the designated countries are now required by the applicant - for almost all countries this requires the preparation and filing of a translation of the entire patent specification into an official language of that country.

A more detailed explanation of each step is given below.

Successfully going through the prosecution and grant stage has allowed you to obtain your European Patent (EP).

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