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actress Arci Muñoz was spotted hanging out with Erich Gonzales’s ex-boyfriend of four years, Chinese businessman Anthony Ng, in her Instagram stories just recently.

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That piercing moment when a movie character’s line is exactly what you’ve been dreading and wanting to tell someone; or what you’ve been feeling for so long, but never really realised it until you heard it.

Lovi Poe appears to have this mania for privacy: “People should not really try to get into your personal life.

Sobrang nakaka-relate si Arci Muñoz sa pelikula nila ni Gerald Anderson na Can We Still be Friends dahil parang love story raw niya ito with her ex-boyfriend na si Badi del Rosario na anak ng Prinsipe ng Brunei.

Manila, Philippines - Before Alden Richards, there were two special guys who captured Maine Mendoza's heart. According to Maine Mendoza's official account, Miggy was her first love and first boyfriend.

Gelli and Ariel Rivera’s two sons must be both in their teens now.* * *How time flies, Ian F.?

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