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Asked which song she’s most excited for listeners to hear, Shapiro singles out one called “I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone,” which may or may not end up doubling as the record’s official title.

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But perhaps the most controversial statement in the post is this: "Thinking about having a chastity belt made w/ a SEAL trident engraved on it and reads 'Ask father for key.' He's the 6'5 250lbs tattooed maniac that's chained to the wall.

w/ the bad temper and foaming from the mouth that's sleeps under the tarp in the back yard w/ the fire ants and snakes." Read the whole post here: As of Monday afternoon, the post has been shared over 4,500 times and has almost 40,000 "likes." While many dads have chimed in on the comments thread to express how protective they are of their own daughters, some commenters have highlighted what they see as the more problematic aspects of the post.

(One strong contender is “Dull,” a live rendition of which can be heard below.) Matthew Simms, guitarist for art-punk elders (and former Chastity Belt tourmates) Wire, is producing the new set, after mixing the quartet’s sophomore record, last year’s .

Fans of that effort know what to expect on its successor; Shapiro notes that while their playing has become tighter and more confident, and the songwriting is a bit more assured and collaborative this time around — Lund and Grimm penned a few of the fresh tracks — many of the sounds and themes from One shift, though, will be an extra dose of emotion.

They’re still in need of day jobs (Shapiro tends bar), but they’ve already released two albums rich with their particular strain of post-punk: dreary yet melodic songs that volley between taking the piss out of twentysomething concerns and staring them down.

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