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Since we have all been coached in life about many things, having a coach for dating really makes sense. Will Smith’s character thinks of himself as the dating doctor. In all fairness, a typical single guy has only been around his mom and sisters for most of his life.

In teaching him the how to do the first kiss, he says that the man initiates the kiss by moving toward the kiss 90% of the way and then let the woman come the other 10%. When trying to impress a gal on a first date, oftentimes he is not sure where to begin, how to pick up on signals or how to gage how the date is going. While all of these may work well, the fact of the matter is that once you are on a date, how do you impress a girl and not look like a bumbling fool?

To have any chance at all with the fairer sex, perhaps it’s time to take the same approach to dating as we do with athletics.

Until recently, single macho males wouldn’t dare consider some coaching in the fine art of dating and courting.

This is often a man’s worst fear and keeps him from dating.

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