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The singer can picture himself promoting the Americans’ 2003 debut Youth and Young Manhood, doing an interview outside the Paradiso club, “and staring at a canal. As a matter of fact I’d been to the Paradiso the night before, just dancing, all messed-up on everything,” the 32-year-old grins at me.“We were there for several days,” continues his Proustian reverie.

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While it took 2008’s fourth album Only by the Night – and the singles “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody” – to break them in America, the Brit/Followhill love affair has been in full flower for years now.

When we speak Kings of Leon are preparing for a headline slot at this weekend’s Isle of Wight Festival, followed by a run of UK stadium shows.

He then proceeded to his neighbor’s house with only a shirt on and climbed onto their roof. Kings of Leon members had practically no musical experience before starting the band.

Nathan reported to Music Radar that Jared had never picked up a bass, Matt had a few guitar lessons, and Caleb had never even picked up a guitar.

Those are only a few things fans may have not been up to date on when it comes to Kings of Leon and here are five more things you didn’t know about Kings of Leon. Drummer, Nathan Followill, was injured NME reports after a crazed fan “jumped in front of” their tour bus. Jared Followill, bassist of Kings of Leon, was quite the adventurer as a toddler.

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