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At some point in our lives, we have always been asked to not go play in the sun because you will become dark, and you won’t get married.

We have always been asked when we are going to have kids.

After a second tennis playing date went swimmingly as they cruised into the quarter-finals of the mixed doubles there was a first tiff of sorts as veteran Martina Hingis contradicted Jamie Murray’s criticism of the Wimbledon courts yesterday.

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It’s not just difficult being a tennis player, (but) becoming an athlete.

It’s also dealing with the other things around you.

Credit: Galina Barskaya / Martina’s professional tennis debut occurred just after her 14th birthday and by age 15 years and nine months she and Helena Sukova paired up and took home top honours by winning the 1996 women’s Wimbledon doubles crown, this achievement earned her the title as the youngest ever women’s Grand Slam doubles champion.

In her first year thereafter she also had the distinction of becoming the youngest women’s Grand Slam singles titleholder in the 20th century, after achieving her Tennis Australian Open victory, which earned her a double crown as the youngest ever woman to be ranked world number one, in the process she edged out Steffi Graf that suffered from injury.

Being a woman athlete is probably the toughest thing you can do.

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