online dating criminal record file check - Intimidating uniforms

by  |  25-Sep-2019 17:39

i have noticed that the British police have a distinctly different style to most other forces.

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Some soldiers in the 17th century wars like Thirty Years' War and English Civil War looked intimidating, but that was quickly supplanted when the idea of professional standing armies became the norm.

Steel armor was replaced with brightly colored uniforms and funny hats.

I'm not referring to riot gear for special duties, body armour etc, but to the 'blackshirt' appearance adopted by many forces for everyday patrols and ordinary public support work.

Police services exist, after all, to assist, support and reassure the public, as well as preventing crime and violent...

I'm not suggesting a return to the ' Dixon of Dock Green' uniform, but surely a modern uniform suited to a civil public support force isn't beyond human ingenuity?

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