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We've all seen ballpoint pens that still have plenty of ink showing through the plastic barrel, but nontheless stop working.Who hasn't almost thrown a non-working pen through a closed window out of frustration?

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In the dark ages of our schooldays ink could be ‘erased’ using an ink eraser — the coarse, tough, typically grey eraser often found at the other end of a white pencil eraser.

These seemed to work primarily by wearing away the paper surface, taking the ink with it! Because ink soaks into the paper fibres where pencils lay down a coating of graphite that doesn’t bond very tightly with the paper surface.

Washing with detergent and water will remove the ink. There is no way to set ballpoint pen ink on fabric, as you would set a dye.

Ballpoint pen ink is not a dye, and most of the ink in your design, although not all, will wash out, if you ever wash that coat.

Sometimes, after scribbling on something for a few minutes, the pen starts writing again.

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