Validating identity cisco

by  |  02-Nov-2019 22:33

I recenty switched from AT&T Uverse to Time Warner because AT&T Uverse could not support Cisco VPN Client. The family all use MACs but I have a PC because my job requires a computer with windows. Ideally they should then provide their network credentials at connection time and be seamlessly connected.

In order to enable the client to connect we have to add the network manually and un-check the "Validate server certificate" as shown in the screenshot below.

Does anyone know of a way to avoid having to do this?

We are perfectly willing to buy a certificate from Verisign, Thwarte, etc if it will help but have tried our Comodo wildcard SSL certificate which hasn't fixed it.

These machines belong to the end users so we can't easily control settings with group policy or registry hacks.

​A fundamental component of RADIUS is a client's validation of the RADIUS server's identity.

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