Teva v astrazeneca invalidating a patent with secret prior art

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On June 10, 2011, the court issued its claim construction opinion construing terms in both the ′130 patent and the ′026 patent.

However, because there was no case or controversy at the time of the judgment over the remaining claims of the ′130 patent (“unasserted claims”), the district court erred in holding the unasserted claims of the ′130 patent invalid. Background Fox is the assignee of the ′130 patent, entitled Low Defect Axially Grown Single Crystal Silicon Carbide, which claims a low defect silicon carbide (“Si C”) crystal and relates to a method and apparatus of said crystal. Cree filed a motion for summary judgment of invalidity on April 11, 2011. We address each in turn.“This court reviews the district court's grant or denial of summary judgment under the law of the regional circuit.” Lexion Med., LLC v. Accordingly, I must respectfully dissent from the judgment the majority reaches.

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