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The DNS (phone network in our example) then accepts the call and redirects it to the right server that your site is hosted on.

Because DNS is the system that connects your visitors to your site you need to ensure it is configured correctly!

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Having shorter TTLs can cause heavier loads on authoritative web servers, since they must respond to more queries. You can make the changes using expert mode instead, as long as the updated TTL is the same for all records of the same type with the same value.

Explains best practices for configuring DNS on WP Engine.

This means that if your primary name server is authoritative for the domain, it is because of the SOA record.

is a comprehensive DNS management interface available within the Linode Manager that allows you to add DNS records for all of your domain names.

Also please ensure that your PTR record is configured correctly in your IN-ADDR. The first entry in each of the DNS database files (zone files) is the SOA (start of authority) resource record.

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