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floggers are my favorite.” The popularity of 50 Shades of Grey has accelerated a mainstreaming of the BDSM subculture already underway—the initials stand for bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism—and the trend has been especially pronounced in our more elite institutions of higher learning. So do Tufts, MIT, Yale and the University of Chicago.Brown, UPenn and Cornell have hosted BDSM educators for on-campus seminars entitled “The Freedom of Kink” and “Kink for All.” It looks like conservatives who have long viewed the Ivy League a bastion of depravity may have a point after all.

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They widened as she ticked off a few of the areas she hoped to explore in her free time: “Bondage, handcuffs, ice play…” Maria is, she said, less a masochist than a submissive.

“So a lot of taking orders and stuff like that,” she explained.

There were more than 400 student groups to choose from. Her goal was to meet new people, to explore something new, maybe to release some of the pressure that comes with trying to compete in an intimidating hothouse of rampant overachievement.

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