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The silver lining here is that most of them learn to appreciate their differences.

What Franklin did may be sufficiently well known to his countrymen already. She apprenticed her eldest son Willingham to a grocer and draper in Lincoln, and as soon as he was out of his indentures removed with him to the market town of Spilsby, where she opened a little shop, and, 'not content with acting as housekeeper for her son, superintended the business in every department which admitted of female supervision with the utmost activity and success.' Thanks to her assistance and to his own energy, Willingham prospered in his trade, added to it in due time a banking business, married the daughter of a substantial farmer in 1773, and, six years later, had accumulated sufficient capital to acquire the freehold of his house and shop in the town, and to purchase a small property a few miles off as a place of retreat for his old age.

What he was—how kindly and affectionate, how modest and magnanimous, how loyal in his friendships, how faithful in his allegiance to duty, how deeply and unaffectedly religious—has never been and never could be known to any but his intimates. It was in the house at Spilsby, on April 15, 1786, that John Franklin first saw the light.

Her father has Italian-Yugoslavian heritage, and her mother has French, German, Irish, and American Indian heritage.

About her early life, Aria has recounted she was quite shy, with only one friend in high school, but that she did very well in her classes.

According to her website, she did so well that she was able to graduate and head to college by the age of 16.

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