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• You have a better chance of meeting people with similar beliefs.

The websites either match you with people based on your preferences or provide tools that enable you to do the searching yourself.

Kids can be great bonuses to meeting someone new and they can also be nightmares just as easily.

When a man gets older he realizes that the chance of meeting a childless woman thins dramatically and the question of “how” may come to his mind in dealing with a child that isn’t his.

IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO POST THE SAME PRAYER REQUEST MORE THAN ONCE ON ANY GIVEN DAY. When I got married my work colleagues never showed they cared. I am very close to being depressed because I don’t know what to do and I’m really struggling to keep calm. I don’t know what else I could possibly do other than to ask my God for help. Amen.8/11/17: Please pray that I won't need any more surgery, and that my cancer will never come back. I'm not sure if I even want him back as my love because of how many times he has hurt me, but I would like the option to decide it. Please help her to realize I am not like her ex and with all her doubts. Please help me to finally have someone after all this time, I am so grateful. Please forgive me for striking the woman you placed in my life when she found comfort somewhere else. He is now in Mexico on vacation with his girlfriend, who has been divorced 3 times. Please ask God for this to be finally over, for peace and a fair settlement. Help my husband Richard forgive my son Omar and that he shows him some respect, forgiveness, and for Omar to forgive Richard as well. Lastly, may God hear the prayers of Loly, Lennie, and Linky, and grant their petitions if they are His divine will. Lil8/2/17: Please pray for my broken relationship with my daughter, that she does not keep a score card of who does what; and that she looks for the good in people and the good they have done for her in her life. Please pray for us, and that she forgives me for failing her.8/2/17: Please pray to God to heal my relationship and guide my ex- fiancée back to me. Anthony 8/2/17: Dear Jesus, please help me find my vocation, something I am passionate about and something that helps others. Dear Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends, especially for DL, ML, JL and DP. Denise8/2/17: Please pray for Kyle and Silvia and their family and careers. According to your word in John (“You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it”.) I am asking for healing of all health issues that my sister has. I hope that you pray that Jesus saves, heals, and frees them. Eero8/1/17: Please pray that my son will find a job soon. He has not been employed for over a year and has a 6 year old daughter to support. Monique 8/1/17: Pray that I survive my husband's constant disrespect.8/1/17: Please pray for my niece Lindsey and for Fr Mike's medical condition; and for my financial needs! We don't get along, and I have resentment and anger towards her. She is mentally ill, but will not seek treatment, and she isolates herself from those who love her by horrible outbursts. Prayers for my grandchildren as they return to school, and for a granddaughter and her new job. I wish I at least had a girlfriend so she could encourage me and help me, but I'm not even successful in a love relationship. I feel angry, depressed, with anxiety and panic attacks. My kids need me and I need prayers to gain the strength, knowledge, and guidance to take care of them. She was who I talked to every day about my kids and husband. Lizette7/29/17: Please pray for me, I have been contemplating suicide and I'm in need of a miracle from our Lord and the Holy Spirit. Please pray for his life now; and when he is out and back in the world trying to create a renewed life. Now I have it at another mechanic who is trying to get it back in running order, so that I can keep my job and take care of my family. Pattie7/29/17: Pray the witch Brooke and her family goes away and has no more influence over Barry and Angela's life and are no longer able to summon any spirits, demons or the tree spirit/white witch against us. Jude, and all the Saints and Angels, please pray for my daughter, Tara Marie. Maria7/29/17: Please, I ask my beloved Savior Jesus Christ, his Blessed Mother Mary and my Almighty Father God to please, please pray that I get the government job that I applied for. Since we deposited money we only received a tenth of what we were to earn, and now they have blocked the channel to make a withdrawal. Now they are hurting her again but not as much as before. I prayed to God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit for help with my life and Stan’s' life. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. Please for him to recover, as well as for him to be able to get a heart transplant. Thank you.7/27/17: Please God, help my daughter heal from rear lung disorder; and for me to heal my cancer.

Please note as well that due to the large volume of prayer requests we receive, we cannot publish more than one post for prayer requests from the same person on any given day, except for those requests involving emergencies. I just feel I'm not cared for by my husband or my friends now. Jamila8/11/17: Please help our daughter find her checkbook and my friend find her glasses. Also, please pray that God will deliver me from despair, poverty, anxiety, loneliness, and addiction. A lady8/11/17: Oh Mother of Perpetual Help, please shower your Blessings on my parents. I want to be the one to decide if I should walk away. Jude, please help me, my husband, my daughter, and granddaughters, that things get better for us. Please help her to realize she is doing the right thing. Forgive me Lord, for I was wrong and desperately need your guidance. Help Omar and his fiancée Kit love and respect each other. Dear Lord, I pray for continued help with my anxiety and worry. I plead the blood of Jesus for over all of her health issues. Rosemary8/1/17: Please, pray that I get a job as a special education teacher. Bruce8/1/17: Please pray for Louis who has liver cancer. Pray that she seeks help and I learn to forgive her from my heart. I'm asking with my most sincere heart that you heal my little grandson Zay and soften my older daughter's heart to be compassionate and forgiving. I'm always wearing a cap because I'm going bald and my self confidence and self esteem is low because of that. I'm in the difficult position of having to file bankruptcy and I I'm asking for your prayers to help me out of my despair, and anyone else who faces the same difficulties that I do. Angela7/29/17: Please pray for God to heal my daughter who has neurological illness. The site is still on though, but there is no more communication. My uncle too just had a car accident caused of them and he's still recovering from a heart surgery. There is no part of my life that they leave alone and I live in fear every day. I believe that if this request reaches a lot of people that can help me pray maybe my prayers can be heard. The Bible tells me to believe that whatever I ask for in prayer, that I have received it, and it will me mine. I ask for your intercession with Our Father in Heaven on our behalf for help. Lucia 7/27/17: O Lord give me the strength to tolerate physical abuse given by my elder daughter for the sake of property and money and the chemical abuse I am undergoing.

One of the crazier things is a tiny circle of people who still unquestioningly defend this person, saying he could not possibly have committed acts they know nothing about and accuse you of leftist bias.

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