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by  |  06-May-2020 08:48

Chances are, whether you’re happily single, recently single or have ever been single, you’ve been the recipient of a litany of dating advice over the years.

Some of it is good—perhaps helping you know how to respect the person you’re dating or saving you from unnecessary heartache.

The advice that's either outdated or never made any sense in the first place?

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But some of this unsolicited counsel about dating and finding a spouse is misguided.

Sadly, much of the horrible dating advice we receive today is also peddled by our well-intentioned family members or close friends.

Being in a good place with yourself attracts other people to you. Although I did not follow this advice, after it was given to me, I had this little voice in the back of my mind after every breakup that would tell me that I ruined everything by giving it up too soon. Plus: Why Women Look More Like “Girlfriend Material” in the Fall If I could go back in time and un-publish that book, I would. Not because there isn’t a small kernel of truth in it, but because it puts men in the drivers’ seat of dating. The book should have been called We’re Not That Into Each Other, So We Should Break Up.

When I really thought about it, I decided that this particular piece of dating advice is based on the antiquated idea that all women are good for is sex and the longer you withhold sex, the more power you have. True power comes from giving freely and being true to yourself. In reality, it doesn’t matter if he’s not that into you. No one should settle for someone who doesn’t like them that much.

If you never fight or disagree with your partner, one of you may be harboring resentments. the piece of advice that drives me crazy is, 'Never go to bed angry.' In fact, sometimes a good night's sleep is exactly what you need to think more clearly and fight right." "Or really that it has to be anything.

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