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Appropriately dubbed by many as a magical plant, St.Johns Wort (hypericum perforatum) carries a rich history, full of cultural nuances and mystical legends. Jonathan Zuess, in his book , The Natural Prozac Program, eloquently captures the emotion and quintessence of St.These small, black, translucent dots are not actually holes but tiny glands which, when pressed, release the essential plant oils and resins.

Once in a while, however, every once in a while, the Scriptures come alive again, even for us, even for me.

Maybe it’s a particular lector’s voice and intonation; maybe it’s an enlightening commentary or sermon; always it’s grace.

So clearly in that passage, teaching and love and patience and God's sovereignty—maybe he'll intervene—is the normal way that Timothy is being told to free people from the will and the bondage of the devil.

I don't think in order to be seriously engaged in spiritual warfare (where you are freeing people from the powers of the evil one), you have to do exorcisms week in and week out.

He’s extraordinary in so many ways, so it’s no surprise that his actions and words would be extraordinary as well – at least on first hearing.

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