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For those outside of Ireland looking to purchase an authentic Irish cable knit sweater, shopping online will give you the best selection as well as convenience.

You can find these sweaters at sites such as Aran Sweater Market and Aran Crafts.

You don't have to have roots in Erin to appreciate the joys of a cable knit sweater from Ireland.

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If you are spiritual, find a church and join their singles group!

Got anymore tips for meeting the opposite sex in Salt Lake City?

O may be waiting for you at Maxwell’s or Gracie’s or Zest.6.

Swipe while you are on the throne, on the phone, or sitting in your sweats at home.

You can find styles with crewnecks, turtlenecks, and half zip necklines as well as ones done in lightweight knits or heavier knits.

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