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With a few clicks, enterprises can securely connect their data centers to Oracle’s cloud to reap the benefits of cloud computing.Secure and simple by design, Oracle Network Cloud Service – Site to Site VPN enables businesses to fulfill the ever-growing demands for compute resources without worrying about the security of their data.

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To get connected to Lojban chat use any of the following methods (your and others' messages will be available in all of them no matter which method you use).

People involved in Lojban community usually read each day's backlog and will answer your questions within several hours and often even within minutes. Dedicated IRC'ers don't sit in front of the computer 24/7 waiting to respond within 10 seconds of everything said.

However, you might still be offended by the things discussed there.

If you are, that's your problem and the LLG explicitly disclaims responsibility for anything said on the IRC channel, including by members or officers of the LLG.

When you weren’t messaging anyone, Gchat lived as text-based list of your contacts by name nested in the lower left corner of your inbox.

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