Southern california dating dating standards 2016

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Based on current analysis of assemblages, and archaeometric analyses made possible through this award, we will develop a model of change in resource use and cultural pattern from the Middle Period to Ethnographic times.

This will depend on improved dating using AMS and obsidian hydration, reliable sourcing of obsidian by XRF and INAA, and accurate identification of macrobotanical and fish remains.

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In a region where dating archaeological remains is difficult, a combination of obsidian hydration and radiocarbon dating will be used to assess hypothesized diachronic shifts in settlement patterns.

The proposed research will clarify our understanding of territorial behavior from a theoretical standpoint while shedding light on the culture history and material record of an often overlooked area of California and the Great Basin.

Who were the first Americans and when and how did they get here?

For decades archaeologists thought they knew the answers to these questions.

In a paper published today in researchers describe broken bones of a mastodon (an extinct relative of elephants) and battered rocks from a site in southern California.

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