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The 80-year-old ex-TV star appeared to grapple with officers as he was bundled into a car after being hauled out of a prison on the island and driven to his apartment in the holiday resort of Puerto Rico He shuffled down steps leading to the flat after refusing a piece of cardboard offered to him by officers to cover up his face from waiting TV crews and reporters.

When a wrestler breaks the rules inside of the ring, they are given a five-count to correct their behavior.

In real-life, when they break (or in some of these cases allegedly break) the rules of society, they get arrested. 1) Tomko’s mugshot following arrest on robbery Jimmy Uso’s mugshot following arrest on drunk driving Alex Riley Mugshot Awesome Kong Mugshot Billy Gunn Mugshot Buff Bagwell Mugshot Chris Jericho Mugshot Chris Kanyon Mugshot Cookie Mugshot Daffney Mugshot Dan Spivey Mugshot Eddie Guerrero Mugshot Gregory Helms Mugshot Gregory Helms Mugshot (No.

There were some on the corporate side that wanted Patron to be gone from the company.

A video package opens the show focusing on John Cena […] UPDATED x 13: According to sources, there was a divided reaction within Global Force Wrestling and Anthem Media over how to handle Alberto El Patron after news of his altercation with Paige at an Orlando airport broke.

Date of Birth 24 March 1962, Houston, Texas, USA Birth Name Mark William Calaway Nickname The Lord of Darkness The Man From the Dark Side The Phenom The American Bad Ass Big Evil The Deadman The O. – Original Deadman The Punisher/Punisher Dice Morgan Mean Mark Callous Texas Red ‘Taker The Undertaker Height 6′ 9½” (2.07 m) Mini Biography Mark William Calaway is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name The Undertaker.

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