Who is loree rodkin dating

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“I’ve known her for a long time and she’s always been like family to me.

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At 62, Rodkin has had three immensely successful careers, all by accident, and quite a few love affairs with famous men. “Or the middle—wherever I am.” She became an interior decorator in her late 20s, when, after breaking up with musician Don Henley, she moved into the clubhouse of a posh building on Sunset Boulevard and remodeled it herself.

It got the attention of real-estate tycoon Victor Drai.

" Not only did Kravitz have the best credentials to do so, he epitomized the style of the VIP bash, which almost exclusively featured guests that looked like they worked in fashion or a rock band or a fashionable rock band.

So Kravitz accepted Burns' request and did just that, leading with, "Happy..." and "Birthday" followed, thanks to the mostly black-clad guests as Rodkin, a well-known jewelry and accessories designer, was presented with a birthday cake featuring her face.

The biggest-name performer, Jimi Hendrix, passed away not long after (as did Janis Joplin, who was there, and Jim Morrison, who wasn’t), putting an especially bitter coda on the dead-end destiny of the so-called psychedelic 60s.

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