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All of our dating sites, including our "green" sites share the same, large database of members, and members only need to join one site to have access to all members from all sites.Green was one of the first dating sites on the Internet, originally launched in 1996 and was a competitor of Planet Earth Singles for many years. Get access to our private Facebook group, free support from our worldwide network of coaches, free live and recorded programs, the latest relationship information for singles in our monthly e-mail newsletter, and more.

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CDN now owns and markets Conscious Singles and has for many years.

In 2006, we launched a sister site, Planet Earth specifically for environmentally-conscious, green singles, as we saw a need to cover this niche, which dovetails and compliments the conscious/spiritual niche so well.

We have several spiritual/conscious/green dating sites that all share the same, large database of members.

Conscious is our other main conscious/spiritual niche site (again, it shares the same database, so no need to join more than one site in our Network.

Providing training and helping our members get clients is our business, but our shared mission to help singles and couples is our primary reason for being.5.

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