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The London Chess Classic is the final leg of the Grand Chess Tour.

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Spot dating artifact top commentators closed

The members of the Green family, which owns the Hobby Lobby chain, are committed evangelical Christians who are probably most famous for their participation in a 2014 Supreme Court case, , which helped dismantle certain birth-control-coverage requirements of the Affordable Care Act. The family’s famous name, now tied to a story of dealer intrigue and black markets, is likely to bring even further scrutiny and attention as they prepare to open their museum.

The Greens are big collectors of ancient antiquities; they’re also the primary visionaries and contributors behind the Museum of the Bible opening in Washington, D. Law-enforcement officials report that in 2010, Hobby Lobby’s president, Steve Green, visited the United Arab Emirates with an antiquities consultant to inspect more than 5,548 artifacts.

An out-of-place artefact is an object that exists in a place in which it is impossible for it to exist.

OOPArts are often of interest to creationists and others who seek evidence that may refute the theory of evolution; they are also used to support religious descriptions of pre-history, ancient astronaut theories, or the notion of vanished civilizations that possessed knowledge or technology more advanced than our own.

Sophie Jackson, from the Museum of London Archaeology (Mola), is managing the site.

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