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In this tutorial, we will: First, we need to recompile Sendmail so it can authenticate with an external mail service - in this case, Send Grid.

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Questions about stopping spam, how to set up your own certificate authorities, etc.

should be posted in sendmail, and Unix-related security in the comp.newsgroup.

The OSTYPE macro is required and the value passed in the OSTYPE macro call must match the name of one of the files in the directory.

Examples of values are as the prototype file for systems that have no UUCP connections. The example shown above specifies the local mailer macro and the SMTP mailer macro. It understands the ESMTP protocol extensions and it can deal with the complex message bodies and enhanced data types of MIME mail. This mailer sends 8-bit data to the remote server, even if the remote server does not indicate that it can support 8-bit data.

Sentrion is not for everyone, but if you are using open source for a large complex environment and need an enterprise platform that will enable your messaging roadmap for years to come (virtualization, consolidation, cloud migration, etc.), visit our product page to see if Sendmail Sentrion is right for you. The release has a gzipped tar file and a PGP signature file.

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