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SQL Server can implicitly cast strings in the form of 'YYYYMMDD' to a datetime - all other strings must be explicitly cast.

here are two quick code blocks which will do the conversion from the form you are talking about: version 1 uses unit variables: BEGIN DECLARE @input VARCHAR(8), @mon CHAR(2), @day char(2), @year char(4), @output DATETIME SET @input = '10022009' --today's date SELECT @mon = LEFT(@input, 2), @day = SUBSTRING(@input, 3,2), @year = RIGHT(@input,4) SELECT @output = @year @mon @day SELECT @output END Convert would be the normal answer, but the format is not a recognised format for the converter, mm/dd/yyyy could be converted using convert(datetime,yourdatestring,101) but you do not have that format so it fails.

Whether your servers have a multi-continental presence or have been relegated to a closet, there’s never enough staff allocated with enough time to manually manage these systems.

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Before I can talk about anything else, I need to give CAU a brief introduction. Here are the three takeaways: In order to fully utiilize CAU, you have to install the full set of Failover Clustering tools on each node.

Simply, this tool manages Windows Updates for an entire cluster in a way that eliminates or reduces requirements for manual intervention and eliminates or reduces guest downtime. When you install Failover Clustering in Server Manager, it queries you to install the tools along with the feature.

The problem is the format being non-standard, you will have to manipulate it to a standard the convert can understand from those available.

Hacked together, if you can guarentee the format Likely you have bad data that cannot convert.

OK I tested with known good data and still got the message.

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