Seventeen magazine dating articles does carbon dating fossils work

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“They should indicate the dangers of online dating due to their young readership.

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Then I got this role on where I wear my hair big and natural, and I’ve come to realize it’s beautiful.” Yazz on why he and Serayah aren’t a real-life couple: “She’s a cool girl.

She’s very attractive, but we’re just so much friends, like homies.” For more on Serayah and Yazz, visit

So she took the experiences and lessons heard at these “Badass Babe Dinners” to create a manual for young women who want to live “on your own terms.” I spoke with Shoket about the big lessons from her book; below are lightly edited excerpts from our conversation.

On finding your ‘success squad,’ the group of women who understand, support and elevate your professional ambitions Your friends are not in your business.

And I just was watching a documentary on Beyoncé, where a background singer was saying that Beyoncé’s the first and last one in the stadium to rehearse. It’s those moments that count, and that’s why those people are who they are.” Serayah on overcoming her insecurity: “I hated my hair—it always felt poufy and curly and people would poke it and ask, ‘Why is it so big?

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