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He is known for starring as characters in films such as Shaun Brumder in Orange County, Preston in King Kong, Oliver in The House Bunny, and Troy Gable in The Great Buck Howard.

His television roles include Alex Whitman in Roswell, Henry Jones in Band of Brothers, Travis Marshall in Dexter, officer Gus Grimly in Fargo, Jack Bailey in The Good Guys, and Greg Short in Life in Pieces. In the Talking Tom and Friends animated series, he voices the title character. His paternal grandmother was of Portuguese descent, while his maternal grandfather's mother is of Austrian-Jewish and Polish-Jewish descent.

“We went to Loyola Marymount University together in Los Angeles, and yeah, he was my college boyfriend,” Philipps said. He’s real excited that I’m here co-hosting today.” According to Philipps, she gets along really well with Colin Hanks’ wife, Samantha Bryant.

She also thinks that Hanks is close with her husband, Marc Silverstein. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Philipps didn’t bust out some old photos of the two of them.

Despite “Fargo’s” total 18 Emmy nominations, as well as his own for supporting actor in a miniseries, Colin Hanks is still taken aback by the response the show has garnered. “This is on par with so many of these shows that I admire – that someone would think of ‘Fargo’ in the same breath is sort of surreal.”Awards: The Contenders Though the role of soft-spoken police officer Gus Grimley had only one scene in the pilot, Hanks was instantly in love with the script and the concept.

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