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View Series A stylish group of acoustic/ electric instruments.

Takamine 70 Series guitars are all about great looks and premium sound quality, with solid-top construction, elegant appointments and upgraded electronics.

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Information on Japanese and Mexican-made instruments is included towards the bottom.

If you have a Fender in your hands, you can use this guide to precisely date your Fender instrument all the way back to 1950.

It has an extremely attractive flame-maple butcher-block style top with single gold pickguard, Combo-style pickup selector switch and tone selector switch, volume and tone knobs and a Kauffman vibrola.

Unlike the full scale Capris that followed, it is distinguished by a Combo-style wiring and one-piece neck with no middle “walnut” stripe, an extra-long “crescent” soundhole, first introduced on this guitar, and a wooden cap on the neck heel that extends over the body binding. This guitar is identified as a 1957 model and depicted in a color photo on page 104 of “” (1987) by Richard R. This guitar is in near-mint original condition with its OHSC.

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