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The Action Center, à la Windows Phone, addresses a Windows 8 annoyance: Toast notifications would briefly pop up, then disappear into Nirvana, causing the user to miss what happened or having to track down the respective app.What we’re seeing in Build 9860 is a basic Action Center version, which will hopefully be updated with more useful features.

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(essentially on vertical framings) It seems sometime when you assign them to a bench, they just don't want to "work for now" x) ...

but according to item details seen in construction menu, the resource is marked assign ( no 'red' settler on ' Required' ), and it seams to me that they'll go on the bench later.. As requested, quest associated paintings collection has been added and framing may looks fine.. It's due to original textures that not have the same initial stretching than this other vanilla ones (compressed squares instead of stretched rectangle)...

Getting started with Synapse 2.0 only takes a few minutes and lets you: Razer Synapse 2.0 will support all Razer's next generation products, such as the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ product line as well as legacy products like the Razer Naga.

Anyone know how we go about updating the navigation maps? I received a mailer recently that the 2013 vehicle updates are for sale. People make copies to protect their investment in case of accidental damage.

it may look similar, but not really good to me and I couldn't adjusted all meshes only for them, because all the other textures couldn't work correctly after.

Diablo stuck at updating tools

For tips on how to do this with tact, we talked to Nick Savoy, president of Love Systems, who clued us in on how to turn a smartphone into the ultimate tool for keeping an LDR alive.…
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