Disabled sexy chat

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“We have the same feelings and the same likes and dislikes.” There will nearly always be techniques for improving your pleasure, but this will depend on the actual condition or disability that affects you or your partner.

You may even find that because of your disability you have increased sensitivity in other parts of your body, for example your nipples, mouth, or even your hair.

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She added: "The best one was in the park."I hung my clothes on a tree and when I came back the car park were full and I couldn't get my clothes back."Talking about dressing up for role play, she got Jezza excited when she said: "Just imagine I'm coming into the bedroom in the policewoman outfit, with the handcuffs and I'm ready to arrest you." Jeremy obliged by sticking his arms in the air and imagining just that.

But hubby Barry was less impressed with his wife's bedroom antics.

Tom Coogan, who has a curved spine, says: “I have lots of great female friends, but I’m very aware that to many of them I’m almost like a gay male friend and completely off the sexual radar.

Regardless of whether you or your partner has a disability, sex is different for everyone; what one person may enjoy, another person may not.

He said: "If she dresses in PVC, she looks like a prostitute."It's alright when you're 20. They haven't gone anywhere."My f****'s not disabled so what's the problem."The Jeremy Klye smutfest strikes again.

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