Who is martin henderson dating

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So I just convinced him to do that and looked after him when he arrived.

Obviously he had talent, and I convinced him to move out of Perth and come to Sydney -- the Hollywood of Australia, if you like.

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My reaction was what an interesting idea (laughing). What is going to drive a Western audience to see “Bride & Prejudice?

I instantly wanted to sit down with Gurinder [Chadha] only because from “Bend It Like Beckham” I knew she was the kind of director who makes very entertaining movies. She doesn’t get caught up in doing anything fancy and showing off as a director. I used to travel a lot through Southeast Asia and around when I was younger, just backpacking around. Although I don’t think that traditional Bollywood films would be taken that well here in the West, to sort mix the Eastern and the Western film language the way that Gurinder did, I just thought it was such an interesting and original idea. ” What is it about this film that really sells it to an audience that’s not familiar with Bollywood?

"It is a little weird now, going over to Heath's place. This whole dating process doesn't happen." (Herald Sun) On Hollywood... Los Angeles is so much about Hollywood and the business is so much a part of your life. " (NW Magazine) On watching the original "The Ring" ("Ringu") movie for the first time... And I was thinking, 'Oh wow, this could be a very good movie'." (New Zealand Herald) On horror films...

There's a different level of ego here and I don't really want that to become my daily concern. I am still really sceptical about the whole thing and trying to remain realistic. I went to a couple when I first got here but I was bored shitless by it all. "I always thought I'd go to university and then get a real job, you know. Although I'm still trying to work out what that is. "We [Martin, Heath Ledger, and a bunch of other friends] were sitting on the floor and, although I knew the script, at that climactic moment we all just jumped backwards. "I'm not a big fan of horror movies, especially the recent teen-slasher sort of ones." (New Zealand Herald) On American versus Down Under humour...

Henderson also talks about why this modern version of the classic story should connect with Western audiences.

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