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Though, when he starts to lean too far to one side, the band’s ethos always brings him back to center: Do better. Or at least have the hope that better exists for you.

“It’s a cycle of rebirth, renewal and destruction,” Max says about his life, musically and personally.

“I do believe in hope and I do believe, at the core of everything, there’s a truth and a hope to our existence. We’re animals and we’re going to constantly try to re-evaluate.” Hebrews is a collection of songs that examine, analyze and test that truth — and all without picking up a single guitar.

Yes, all 12 songs trade traditional rock-band instrumentation for more refined string arrangements.

Their marriage didn’t last long and they divorced after a short period of their marriage. After their divorce, she married her second husband, singer Max Bemis on 4 July 2009.

Sherri Du Pree was born on December 3, 1983, in Tyler, Texas, United States. She began playing guitar and singing at a very young age.

But that doesn’t mean it sacrifices any spit or spirit.

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