Backdating charge grant option stock

by  |  27-Dec-2019 17:08

Measures under the programme aim to meet the key Programme objectives of improving the quality of quality of life in rural areas and diversification of the rural economy through: 36 Local Action Groups, formerly known as LEADER companies, have been contracted to deliver the Programme throughout Ireland and anyone interested in applying for funding should contact these Groups directly.

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CLÁR area maps can be accessed at the following website address: CLAR/CLAR/CLARtargetareas/ The CLÁR Programme provides funding or co-funding together with other Government Departments, State Agencies and Local Authorities aimed at accelerating investment in selected priority developments.

These investments support physical, economic and social infrastructure across a variety of measures.

Short-term incentives usually are formula-driven and have some performance criteria attached depending on the role of the executive.

For example, the Sales Director's performance related bonus may be based on incremental revenue growth turnover; a CEO's could be based on incremental profitability and revenue growth.

Basically, this means they are able to charge whatever the hell they want (something already sounds very Government’ish about this), whether it be a complete exemption (which in theory is still possible), the full 100% council tax or anything in between.

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