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Besides that, white washes people out, so I generally suggest staying away from white for anyone in portraits, unless used as an accent, or placing colorful accessories over a white top.

Here are my top 10 tips: The first thing I ask when someone seeks advice on colors to wear, I ask where they plan to hang the portraits in their home, and what colors are in that room. But for others, if they plan to hang the prints in their family room that is painted red and black, and you plan to wear orange and brown, it won’t work very well.

Last year before Christmas, I started searching for places to find matching kids’ clothes for siblings, both big girl / little girl matching dresses and brother / sister coordinating outfits.

That is why I made the complete list of where to find matching family outfits and matching kids’ outfits.

I may run all over town looking for the perfect items to wear, but this past year, I mostly used what we had at home for our casual I simply LOVE planning out clothing to wear in our family pictures. Here is my family below in our turquoise, yellow, and navy clothing family pictures last summer in California: I have so much to say about planning family portrait clothing, so listen up!

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