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by  |  29-Dec-2019 21:22

For some people, agreeable weather is a top priority.

For others, job availablity is at the top of their list.

Why can't some people rate dating or availablity of partners highly, if that's what's important to them?

That's right, in PDX we like to keep things like our food -- Multiple colleges mean a constant influx of young students and a similarly constant stream of relatively young transplants looking for the proverbial early/hipster retirement (or even "gasp" a job at Nike, Intel, etc.) means it’s really easy to find someone that’s willing to give your ugly mug a chance.

It’s well known that everyone in Portland either freelances or works in the service industry (or both!

"I didn't know a soul." To keep family and friends apprised of her new life in Portland, she started a blog.

Almost immediately, a stranger -- Dave, of Dave Knows: Portland (portland.daveknows.org) -- commented on one of her posts.

She's not sure if Portland men are too laid-back, Portland women too independent, or a combination of both. " Some people contend the city's eclectic coolness makes dating a real challenge, regardless of gender.

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