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Looking for fun with anyone under 30, preferably 18-25.

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If you disagree with another individuals political opinion, do so in a mature manner. 'I hate men' or 'I hate women' is permitted by anything else is not. Flame wars are when two or more people write nasty messages to each other with no other purpose than to put each other down.

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It is hard to form trust in the people on any chatroom you participate in, and when an individual has several identities it causes mistrust, paranoia, as well as suspicion of new members. Please inform chat moderator if you want to use another name.

How can you care about someone if you don't know the person.

Chat Moderators may kick you out of the room as a warning or permanently ban you, for but not limited to any of the rules listed above.

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im still looking for a genuine old guy over 65 in the blackpool area willing to smack my bare bottom, prior to any sex.

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