Llama sedating

by  |  21-Jan-2020 17:37

Antemortem diagnosis of an ossifying fibroma was made histologically.

Postmortem findings showed the lesion to be limited to the mandible. A 4-year-old, intact male llama was presented to the Boren Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (BVMTH) at Oklahoma State University with a chief complaint of swelling of the right lower lip of approximately 1 week's duration.

It may be more difficult to find a professional shearer if you have only a few animals in need of shearing.

Llamas are not generally shorn in such a manner that the fleece is removed in one piece; rather the fleece is separated according to quality as it is removed from the animal.

Individual llamas (ideally geldings) have been successfully used as guard animals with sheep flocks and goat herds.

Llamas and alpacas are herd animals and do poorly if isolated from cohorts or other animals; ill animals should be housed with herdmates if appropriate.

Llamas and alpacas can adapt well to damp climates as long as the temperature does not get too high, and few problems of either footrot or “rain scald” are encountered.

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