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Now Mueller's case against Tay is already over -- the judge has dismissed the claim, saying Mueller had not proved in any way that Taylor personally did anything to get him fired.

That being said, Mueller's case Perez predicted the Chris Pratt divorce!

as far as it looks, all of his relationships thus far (again, excluding the Muhl one, which is weird and has little to no merit backing it) have been between two consenting adults who were of the legal age to make those decisions. that’s not the type of relationship that a creepy older dude has with a younger girl.

in interviews and tumblr posts, these women have made it clear that, yes, he’s immature, but that dating was most definitely a conscious decision on both of their parts. he’s discreet due to privacy in his personal life, not because he’s hiding something weird.

It’s a very unique film for those who like shock cinema. We’re in the 10th year and the writers are somehow getting better even after 10 years. I studied filmmaking and interned for Wes Anderson, and then he cast me as an intern in “The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.” I owe him my acting career. It’s a beautiful film that I’m so proud to have been a part of. I feel like through that I often capture nuances of the face, like, muscles in the face.

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