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Her albums and singles sales total in the millions, and her music videos gained constant rotation on MTV; she made numerous, well-received guest spots on as both host and musical guest while most of her MTV VMA performances are considered some of the most controversial and memorable, most specifically her strip-tease performance of "Oops! I Did It Again", dancing with a snake for "I'm A Slave 4 U", and lip-locking with Madonna, among other things.She had a hit movie () and received 2 Grammy nominations (for Best New Artist in 1999 and Best Pop Vocal Performance in 2002) and won a Grammy Award for "Toxic" in 2005, along with a multitude of sold out world tours under her belt.She did seem to forget the lyrics to a couple of tracks however, with Corden having to prompt her to pick up the words.

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Kevin Federline coincided with her sad descent into drug addiction, mental illness and a near total career flame-out.

It once seemed impossible or at least extremely unlikely.

She also has a Cash Cow Franchise set up because of her. A former member of the 90s revival of , Britney was the first, and ultimately the poster girl, for the the late '90s wave of boy bands and female solo artists.

Part of her rise came from the exploitation of her sexuality, as the seventeen year old Britney flaunted her lolita looks with school girl outfits and tight red leather catsuits, while still having an image of innocence.

There are a few ways to look at the music video for “Toxic.” The first is that Britney Spears is playing a spy, or some sort of assassin, who steals a poisonous chemical from a lab in Paris, gets her cheating boyfriend to ingest it, and then disappears undetected. But all in a day’s work for a spy or highly-trained assassin. Could have saved her a whole lot of suction cupping her way up a building. And what if that leap off the building at the end was actually her committing suicide?

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