Raddatepicker selected date not updating

by  |  19-Apr-2020 01:21

raddatepicker selected date not updating-19

In the "set" I then update the date so the Textbox shows the correct date.

If I then go and re-open the Calendar, it's still pointing to the old date... I meant that the selection is made from the calendar, while the dropdown is opened.

This was one of the major changes since the Q2 2010 release as we shipped the new Rad Date Time Picker control.

As about the problem you are facing - the value entered in the Tex Box is being parsed after the control looses its focus.

I want the save to be enabled the moment i type in some text using keyboard in the datepicker text box. So i need suggestions which does not require change. But the same button is not getting enabled if i type in a date in Rad Date Picker. I need the same behavior as like the WPF date picker.

Raddatepicker selected date not updating

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