Jessicas guide to dating on the dark side beth fantaskey iran dating marriage

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Beth: I began writing after college, only because I needed a job and heard about an opening for a speechwriter in a public relations office.

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If it’s really your dream – make the effort and go for it! I am especially enamored of China because on my last two trips I adopted my little girls, so of course the experiences were amazing. I usually travel just out of interest, but I will say that visiting Eastern Europe influenced my first novel, part of which is set in Romania. Beth: I like to hit the gym or ride my bike to relieve stress.

FZ: You wrote on your website that your favourite hobby is travelling. I’m part of a group of women who train for an annual triathlon, so it’s a social thing, too.

We are drawn into the morass of problems and responsibilities Jessica faces. Beth Fantaskey has created a fascinating Vampire world inhabited by memorable characters.

Even Jessica, who sometimes seems wimpy, is real and believable.

That’s an interesting question, because I think people experience that in a lot of different ways.

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