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This superb bass enclosure is made from 13 ply high density 18mm birch plywood, with tough skids on the base of the cabinet for enhanced stage protection.The skids also act to couple the enclosure to the floor, thereby increasing bass response.13-ply high-density 18mm birch plywood with two heavy-duty castors means it will last forever.

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“We, as institutions, should have the power in our hands to decide on our admission policy so that we can admit more students from our own community.

Well, that actually depends on the ideology that the girl and the families of both of them share. The girl and the families are open minded, progressive.

The return of the legendary Orange OBC810 8×10″ bass cabinet originally made in very small numbers during the 1970s.

Seldom seen, but often revered, this is the 8X10″ to rule them all.1200 watts output means it can handle any size gig.

Until the extension of quotas to OBCs, many of these institutions voluntarily practised a combination of general admissions, SC/ST quotas and favoured admissions for their own communities—such as the Delhi colleges run by the Sikhs.“Our colleges observe every Delhi University norm whether it is with respect to teachers’ appointments or admissions.

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