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“Er, uh, um, no,” he said while “fidgeting nervously,” according to Yahoo.

Then, they asked if he even knew she had a thing for him, to which he replied, “No” and bursting into “nervous laughter.” , when Hermione gives Malfoy a face full of her fist.

In this episode, Barry along with Team Flash reunited with Earth-2 Harrison Wells and Jesse Wells where Barry confided in them about Jesse’s super powers and how she has been saving the earth.

Wells says that he’s worried about Jesse and wants Barry to talk her out of using the powers.

, Tom shut down a reported who took his line of questioning to Tom's ex, Taylor Swift.

When asked by The Telegraph if he regretted "the publicity and gossip the romance engendered," Tom responded: "What should I regret, in your mind?

The Twiddleston split, which happened in September 2016, followed a whirlwind romance which was at the centre of media LOLs, speculation and memes galore.

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